Software License Agreement Splunk

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“Assistance programs” are assistance programs offered by Splunk and identified here: These terms and terms and conditions of sale (“Terms and Conditions”) between Splunk Inc., a Delaware company headquartered at 270 Brannan Street, San Francisco, California 94107, USA (“Splunk” or “we” or “ours” or “unser”) and you (“customer” or “you” or “yours”) apply for the purchase of licenses and subscriptions to Splunks offers. By clicking the corresponding button or downloading, installing, using or using the offers, you accept these terms and conditions of sale. If you enter these terms and conditions on behalf of the client, you declare that you have the authority to hire the customer. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions or are not authorized to accept, load, install the Terms and Conditions on behalf of the Customer, do not access, install, access or use offers. “Use data” is data generated by the use, configuration, supply, access and performance of an offer. It can be. B information about your operating environment, for example.B. Their network and system architecture, or sessions such as page loads and session views, duration or interactions, errors, number of searches, number of searches, source types and formats (z.B. json, xml, csv), volume recording, number of active and licensed users, or search paralysis. The usage data does not contain customer content. 15.24 “Splunk-Software” refers to a specific and unique instance of the Splunk software product that is made available to the customer as a service or part of it and contains all new versions or updates of maintenance and support for software, usually marketed by Splunk during the duration of the subscription. Splunk Software does not contain Splunk applications. “open source software,” licensed software approved by the Open Source Initiative or a similar freeware license, with conditions that require that this (i) code (i) be disclosed or distributed as source code or object, (ii) be licensed and/or (or iii) distributed under the same licensing conditions for the production of derivative works.

Some offers may contain open source software. Splunk provides a list of open source software that is included in our On-Premise products, as required by the respective open source software licenses. Any open source software provided as part of your offer that cannot be withdrawn or used separately from the offer is subject to the warranty, support and compensation terms applicable to the offer. Some of the open source software may have additional conditions applicable to the use of the offer (for example. (b) the obligation for us to provide the award of the licensee concerned) and these conditions are included in the documentation; However, these conditions will not impose additional restrictions on your use of the offer or (b) deny or change our responsibilities with respect to the offer. 4.1 Splunk property; Proposals. Between the client and Splunk, Splunk owns and reserves all rights, titles and interests on and on services, Splunk software, Splunk applications and Splunk content, including all intellectual property rights that are listed on splunk. There is no other right than this one.

The customer grants Splunk a permanent, irrevocable, global, non-exclusive, transferable, under-conceded and commercial operating licence in any way that Splunk holds for all proposals provided by the customer to Splunk.