Bein Full Agreement

beIN Sports 1 HD will focus on live football all year round, with the Premier League (2013-2019) being as famous as the content of Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs club channels in the streaming media. Other live reports are taken from Series A (2013-2021 without 2016-2018), Ligue 1, come, Major League Soccer (MLS), the Brazilian National Leagues (Paulistao – Brasileiréo) (2013-2015) and major cup tournaments such as the FA Cup (2013-2024), the Coppa Italia (2013 and 2014) and the League Cup. (a) All copyrights, trademarks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) in and on the service belong to beIN and/or third parties. Nothing in these Terms grants you the right or licence to use trademarks, design rights or copyrights held by or controlled by beIN or another third party, unless expressly provided for in the Terms. (b) You must not and should not help someone back down, decompile, disassemble, customize, edit, copy, distribute copies, download or perform tests in spoofing/IP hacking to access the service, access or reproduce, rent, rent, rent, drive, sublicensing, make available to the public, use, transfer or transfer commercially works derived from, Broadcast, part of the programs or channels made available to you as part of the services. They may only use the service for private use and should not be accessible to the public or in a public observation area. (c) You can`t charge others, directly or indirectly, access, display or interception of programs or channels made available to you under the Services, or attempt to resell in any way the programs or channels provided to you as part of the Services, including advertising or sale of goods or services that offer you programs or channels provided under the Services, including third-party software applications. (d) The smart card has a unique identification number that allows us to identify any unauthorized use of the service or illegal copying of programs or channels. In the event that the smart card identification number is identified as a source of illegal reproduction or unauthorized receipt for programming or channels provided to you under the Services, (i) suspend and/or terminate that contract; and (ii) collaborates with your data and addresses each copyright licensee to the illegally copied program or channel to prosecute these infringements. The beIN CONNECT account is unique to each subscriber and we can identify any unauthorized use of the beIN CONNECT service or illegal copying of programs.