Advertising And Marketing Agreement Template

CONSIDERING: The advertiser provides advertising services in the area above. The promotion agreement informs both parties of their obligations and responsibilities. It also helps to avoid doubts about advertisements that take place, such as their budget, nature, materials used in and duration, etc. C. In the case of a procedure, litigation or action against the advertiser by a regulator or a legal action or other procedure involving the Agency`s advertising, the Agency helps to prepare the defence of such an act or procedure and cooperates with the advertiser`s and the advertiser`s lawyers. 1. AGENCY: Subject to the terms of this contract, the company appoints the agent as the exclusive agent for the following purposes: 7.8 The advertiser promises not to include vulgarity, offense or controversial advertising for the company. 2.5 Give the advertiser access to important marketing statistics such as corporate web traffic to help the advertiser assess the ad performance, either to track the amount of commissions or to make improvements if necessary. a. With respect to the advertiser`s claims, losses, lawsuits, responsibilities or judgments, the Agency is not required to prejudice advertisers, including reasonable, justified or related legal fees or fees for an object prepared by the Agency or on the instruction of the Agency, including, but not limited to, but not limited to, any allegations of defamation, defamation and defamation.

, piracy, plagiarism, invasion of privacy or violation of copyright or other intellectual property interests, including any allegation of defamation, defamation, piracy, plagiarism, invasion of privacy or violation of copyright or other intellectual property interests. unless such a claim results from material provided by the advertiser and included in the Agency`s material or advertisement. The Agency undertakes to procure and maintain, for the duration of the agreement, at the Agency`s expense, a policy of liability for advertising agencies or policies with a minimum limit of at least [the amount of insurance insurance], the advertiser being designated as an insured and a beneficiary of additional losses under these policies or policies. The agent does not have the right to hire him with an advertising or marketing agency that is in operation to provide advertising agency services for a fee. until the agent collects the written consent of the entity. (a) the selection and placement of advertising for the company; and the advertising agreement is signed between a publisher and its client, in which the customer`s content is published by the advertiser on television channels, websites, billboards and other advertising platforms available under this advertising contract. 7. TERME: This agreement is renewable for one year from the date of this agreement. The duration of the agreement begins at [the start date] and remains fully in force and in effect until it is terminated by one of the parties after at least ninety (90) days prior to written notification, provided that it cannot be terminated under any circumstances (except injury) before [nearest end date].